4 Very nice Fonts (Free to download and use)

Posted on October 3, 2012 at 4:23 pm by David M Becker 1 Comment

1. Sketch Nothing

Sketch Nothing

A very nice and clean reading font. Very Warm. Sketchbook type fonts are usually easily readable and a nice change of pace when stepping away from the business world.
Link and Download

2. 28 Days Later

Do I need to say any more? Perfect for Halloween. A Gothic look and feel. I have used this font for Neverthat.com and a few other projects.
Link and Download

3. Urban Jungle

I have used this font on several of my projects. If I were ranking these 5 fonts, this would be #1. Industrial and strong.
Link and Download

4. Varsity

I can think of one hundred uses for this font. Clean and precise. Great for schools and school activities or anything related to.
Link and Download

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