Holiday Website Guide: Shopping Traffic Report

Posted on November 27, 2012 at 11:29 pm by David M Becker 2 Comments

The Holiday traffic is right around the bend and you better have your business ready. After Black Friday the surge of online shopping will rise and stay heavy until the New Year. Companies do more web advertising for the goal to push traffic. A huge  push would be adverting through social media networks.  As the internet changes we adapt… and adapting to social networking is a must. At any rate the times are here to expect a significant rise in internet traffic.

But is more website traffic a good thing? If your site isn’t up to the challenge it very well may crash. Whats worse than people not finding your site? Little amounts of traffic is negative… but if your server cant handle a load of traffic that’s even worse.

Being Ready for Shopping Traffic

SEOPost Penguin Daily SEO tip: Link Removal . Read more … » is geared to bring more visitors. But to increase web traffic during the holiday season,  you will need specific elements push from your site in order to turn those visitors into customers.  Your shopper traffic will be looking for certain things so make sure its succeeding:

1.  Make changes. A  holiday themed logo might be the thing that makes you stand out to grannie.

2. Start key wording your site now. It takes time for Google to crawl index and rank new content. Use keywords related to the holiday season!

3.  Start moving the ball on your promotions.  Your traffic is 24/7. Have anything you are featuring right out in front. Also any discounts you are going to offer. Holiday only Coupons are also a excellent way to increase activity. Oh, make sure your inventory is inn stock to meet the holiday deadline or you will not see any return visits the following year.

Do you want to make sure that your website can handle this holiday season? Contact us. We can evaluate your site for fun and ready it for more web traffic! Cheers!

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