Wha ruined eLance? Hint: Indians

Posted on September 5, 2012 at 1:48 pm by David M Becker 6 Comments

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Here is an ongoing problem I have noticed with Elance. Indians. Its not the Peruvians, Africans, Italians, Germans, Americans or any other single section of the globe. Mother India is destroying Elance one bid at a time. I took a screenshot to show what I come across on every bid.

They ruin many honest developers bids. This wouldn’t be a total loss if contractors did not have to pay for each bid placement. I am close to taking screenshots and requesting “token” refunds for every bid that is saturated by Indians.  (A token is a fictional item used to place a bid on the job, tokens can be purchased for a set price) Now it makes more sense, as they really were caught in the act by yours truly. Let me break down what Elance is and how India is ruining my experience with Elance.

Elance is a freelance website geared at partnering up contractors with clients. If client “A” is looking to complete a project be it a web site, custom coding or video editing job he would place his project on Elance with a description and then a massive pool of contractors would ultimately bid on the job and the client would chose the best contractor in his or her eyes and everyone wins. Wait. Do they? Notice this screenshot? It is an ongoing problem for me that ultimately cost me a lot of money in the end of things. It must ruin the client experience as well.

In the screenshot I have posted, you will notice the client looking for a very professional website to be created for his soon to be boxing site. Knowing how Elance works some what you will see that so far three Contractors have placed bids on this job.  A low of 5 dollars, a high of 12 dollars, and an average bid of nine United State dollars. There. You have it. I don’t need to say anymore. Is the picture pretty clear.  This project is now ruined. Not only can no one even waste time bidding on a project saturated by Indians, but that guy isn’t going to deliver the fully functional website this guy wants for 5 dollars per hour.  He just does not know it yet. Ive refreshed the page several times and now see a poor sap from the UK with a modest bid. He just wasted a token he very well may have paid for. This is not my biggest gripe with Elance.

I walked into the bid and noticed what was going on. I can walk away with out bidding on the project. Horrible… but what ever. What really hurts my wallet is when I place a bid and 5 Indians come in behind me and bid an amount so low its borderline asinine. The bottom line is this all boils down to one thing… well two things. A scam and money. I cant quite put my finger on it.

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