Logo Design: Making It Work

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Understanding that your client needs are, and how to meet them in designing a memorable logo is very crucial. Logo design is a complex process that involves lot of brainstorming and rough sketching. The primary goal is not to have drawing skills though, but the ability to sketch all ideas that comes into your mind.

Logo design may be made from type alone and then send straightforward messages. Some of the illustrative logos include Aunt Jemima or Quaker Oats. It’s also good to note the fact that most logo designers use negative space within the logo design to send separate message.

How to make the best of a logo design

Make it simple

Simple designs make best logos. Simple logos communicate the message clearer to the consumer. Example of such sites includes Apple, WWF logos, Nike. All these companies use to-the-point visuals to denote their brand.

Maintain relevancy

A good designer identifies the business, avoids trendiness and incorporates tradition. Trends should be avoided since they are short-lived and a good logo design must have a longevity element. In addition, ensure that the logo catches the client’s audience eyes.

Aim nothing short of distinction and ensure its memorable.

For you to have a distinct logo you need to ask yourself; what makes this business different from its competitors? How will the logo look like if reduced in size? Ensure that the color complements the intended message. Above all, remember to work on grayscale as well.

Remain focused

Working with black and white is a good idea to help you see the virtual contrast of the logo design.
Below are some good examples of logo designs you might want to have a look. I believe they are of substantial quality. Enjoy!


It’s a shipping giant which appears a simple type design. Nevertheless, if you look closely at the negative space, you’ll discover the uniqueness of the logo. The negative space provides an arrow pointing on the right side to represent the objective of the company.


This diesel carmaker‘s logo has a deeper meaning than the simple VW. “Volk” means people and “wagen” means car.


This company built military planes during war. Its logo demonstrates plane’s propeller in motion. The colors used indicate Bavaria colors, part of Germany.


Is an online shipping guru. Its logo portrays the simplest deign as well. Its arrow points from A-Z. The technique used symbolizes how the company sells everything.


What most people know of NBC logo is the presence of a peacock. But only a few can tell why the peacock exists. During the design of the logo, the 6-colord wings were used to represent six divisions; sports, news, entertainment, network, stations and productions. Its head points to the right to symbolize the company looking and moving forward.

Each of the above mentioned companies’ logo share a common factor of design with purpose. Even a type-only logo or the simplest logo has significant meaning; some of them are more effective than the others. Others surpass their counterparts due to their iconic nature. Nevertheless, good results are born from executing many rough sketches and few digital mock ups.

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