Post Penguin Daily SEO tip: Link Removal

Posted on November 2, 2012 at 6:25 pm by David M Becker 6 Comments

Determine which back links should be removed!

Obviously sites linking to your own (backlinks) were coveted over the past decade. The more you had, the better your site did in Google and other Search engines. Well, not any more.

Backlinks should be of value only. Creating a link that falls into a lower category of value isn’t always a bad thing. If the link is no longer active or tagged with a “no follow” telling the search engines to ignore it you not need worry about removing the backlink!

We do not want backlinks from several sources now. We do not want back links from:

  • Websites that use other languages other than your own.
  • Links from Adult Orientated Sites
  • Spammy sites with no real content
  • Sites that have been hacked or infected with Malware
  • Sites that have been hacked or infected with Malware
  • And also sites that use keyword optimized anchor text, such as a site that uses a link that reads “Free Auto Quote” rather than “click here”
  • These types of back links hurt us, so lets remove them!

    In a post Penguin world to figure out weather or not a link should be removed USE Google Webmaster tools to find out what sites are back linking to you. Then do some research to then contact owners to request a change if you feel the back links are now of poor quality. Request directly to the site owner that the link be deleted or not keyword optimized if the site is of quality.

    Best of luck.

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