Thoughts on how to promote your brand using Social Media

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Brand promotion via social media is very different from TV, radio or methods of promotion. A larger fraction of the other types of mediums have a single broadcast kind of relationship. You give out what you want to send to the audience and then they receive it.  Also, use of social media allows you to have 2-way conversation. Using social media for brand promotion requires a whole new kind of marketing strategy.

Thoughts on how to promote your brand inside social media outlets

Get used to the habit of Launching viral campaigns

The funny thing with viral campaigns is that they are either hit or miss. At times, you may launch a viral campaign and it instantly spread your niche like wild fire. Other times, you’ll unveil the campaign and nothing much happens.

Instead of getting all your hopes and dreams pushed into one campaign, its better to get used to the concept of often unveiling multiple viral campaigns. If possible, unveil one each month or once in a couple of months. A fraction of them will hit while others misses. Doing this often, you maximize the chances of hitting the winners.

Avoid pride

It’s possible that you’ve been in business for all this long, you’ve accomplished a lot, and that’s great. However, when considering shifting to a new medium such as the social media, you have to be cautious of excessive pride. You aren’t there yet; there are several things you need to learn still.

Build relationship with people

Social media is an amazing way to build relationship with people.  Search for key players in your industry and build a 1-on-1 relationship. Never thin  out as those brands acts as distant personalities. Brands have the ability to make friends; they can do favors and can reach out.

Building real relationship with different people out there increases your reach on the social sphere. If unveiling a new viral campaign, reach out to your contacts and let them share and tweet the same. If you are unsure of how your product is performing, you can reach out to the real customers.  Having real relationship with people will move you a long way in brand promotion.

What makes people click your links?

How do you make people click your links? First, train your audience to open your links. How? By publishing content that will attract the readers.  Focus more on your content rather than marketing tactics. Instead of spending hours with the latest link building scheme, or the latest FB marketing app, its better to try spending time and energy creating ad sharing worthy content that your audience will love to share with their friends. Such content will take off like crazy!

Integration of promotions with the entire media

Social media isn’t a standalone promotional tool. It works in a whole of a toolbox. Instead of unveiling promos only via social media, why not combine it with several media types which you have access to?

For instance, you are unveiling a freebie giveaway campaign for purchases valued at $20 or more. Instead of unveiling this on the social media channels alone, you might want to choose doing the same to your email list, blog and website and a few banner placements.

You are always on the screen so remember that

Whether an employee of yours sent the wrong message about a particular brand of yours, or a customer made a complaint about a poor after sale service, once you decide to use social media for promotion be ready for more bumps ahead! Always be careful of what you say and how you say it as it can take you miles back and never really goes away.

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